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Dentures at Lakes Boulevard Dental

When many teeth are lost due to decay or gum disease, a removable denture made of acrylic or metal may be fitted by your dentist to maintain normal chewing, speech and appearance. Dentures are made to look like your natural teeth and can even improve the appearance of your smile. We have an in-house dental prosthetist who assists our patients with quality dentures as well as fast turnarounds so you can get back to your busy life.

There are a few types of dentures:

  • Partial Dentures: These are made to fill the space left by a few missing teeth. Metal clips (“clasps”) are use to anchor the denture to natural teeth
  • Full Dentures: These are fitted to replace all of the upper or lower teeth
  • Overdenture: These are dentures that fit over the remaining tooth roots or dental implants. Implant supported overdenture is a great solution for lower dentures that are typically loose and unstable due to inadequate bone support in the lower jaw.

Dentures may not be for everyone, but often when people choose dentures over other types of dental treatments, they consider the following advantages of dentures:

  • Cost-effective: denture is usually less expensive than dental implants or bridges
  • Conservative: there is no surgery or cutting down of neighbouring teeth with denture treatment
  • Removable: this may benefit patients who have limited hand dexterity due to age or other medical conditions. Cleaning a removable denture is much easier than cleaning under a fixed bridge
  • Transitional: for patients with progressively worsening dentition, a denture serves as an interim device to help with function and appearance, until the person is ready to embark on more complex dental treatments.

If you are missing several or all of your teeth, and are not sure what your next step might be, our in-house dental prosthetist can give you an in-depth professional opinion. Call us to book in today for your consultation!

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