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Modern Dentistry

New, Fully Equipped Practice Providing A Comfortable Environment

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Caring Practitioners Providing A The Best Dental Experience

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About Lakes Boulevard Dental Practice

Our team and new premises in Lakes Boulevard Dental provide a warm and friendly environment that enhances the patient experience as we are your number one dentist in South Morang.

your oral health is our highest priority

Ready to get your dream smile?

Our Experienced Team

Dr Aynkkaran Srishanmuganathan

Dr Aynkkaran Srishanmuganathan is the principal dentist at Lakes Boulevard Dental who graduated from Kings College London, UK. Aynkkaran focuses on minimally invasive, ethical and aesthetic dentistry. He is also trained in Invisalign, Inman Aligner system and aesthetic anterior composite treatment (resin material to replace lost or broken teeth). He is a firm believer in continued professional development in order to stay current with the latest techniques ensuring the practice of modern dentistry.

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Why is the sterilisation process so important ?

We ensure that all instruments and equipment used in our clinic are free from bioburden and bacteria. This is integral to keep all of our patients healthy and safe.

There are steps that we must undertake in our sterlilisation process.

We submerge our instruments in a holding solution before placing them in the ultra-sonic cleaner which uses vibration to break down debris. Then we dry and package them in sealed sleeves. These items are then sterilised through a universal cycle in our autoclave. All cycles are tested against steam penetration for sterilisation at 134 degrees Celsius.

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It's a non-invasive technique of adding resin to the edge of teeth to achieve a better contour, creating an aesthetic smile.

No Anaesthetic,
No Drilling,
No Stress!

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Elegant, Dignified, Opulent 💄

The Boutique Whitening experience is the perfect investment for those of you that appreciate an aesthetic smile.

Putting the classic back into a glowing smile ✨

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Isn't this such a beautiful moment 📸 !

A clinic based on family values is exactly what we are, inclusive, caring and supportive of each other. 🥰

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Working hand in hand to produce marvelous creations of work that compliment your mouth and your character 😄!

Missing teeth no longer have to cause embarrassment or stop you from using your mouth to it's complete function 😳

Our prosthetist Adam, can curate an alternative measure to restore the function and aesthetic of your mouth.

You'll leave our chair with the promise of complete care throughout each and every stage of your smile journey.

PS – Adam tries in every denture (in the patients mouth, of course 😂) to ensure the best fit!

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It's all about those small changes that make a world of difference 🌏

Small changes = LASTING impact 👊!

Our patient came to us with a chipped tooth and concerns regarding its appearance. We were able to find a solution that benefited the patient whilst keeping all of her character and charm✨.

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Patient care is so much more than just greeting and treating you, it's about developing lasting relationships, communicating and, spending the extra time to improve our aftercare. 👨‍⚕️

Listening to and refining our systems to reflect a dental environment that makes our patients feel at ease and safe.

Ensuring we provide physical comfort and emotional support, including alleviation of fear and anxiety, and continuous access to care.

We are dedicated to you. 💟

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We have just launched our BRAND NEW WEBSITE 🤩

What does that mean?
⋆ New features chosen to make navigating the space and booking appointments a whole lot easier.
⋆ Get to know our friendly staff team and get sneak peek into how our clinic operates.
⋆ Easy access to conditions and treatments to make an informed decision regarding your oral health.



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We are giving away a Boutique Whitening take home kit valued at $395 which includes:

⭐ 2 Customised Trays
⭐ 4 Whitening Syringes

To enter this competition:

1. ADD this post to your story and TAG @lb.dental


2. TAG a friend in the comments… ONE tag = ONE entry

PS You must FOLLOW US ❤️ to make sure you're counted!

The more entries the greater your chance of snapping up this offer!


*Terms and conditions apply. Be advised appropriateness for this product is limited to the dentist's discretion.

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Why is dental health so important? ✔️

Not only does having a clean and healthy mouth give you confidence, it's also detrimental to your overall health and wellbeing.

Regular dental check ups are instrumental in ensuring you avoid further dental treatment. Being proactive in your daily hygiene routine is the most important step to ensure you protect the health of your mouth long term.

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your oral health is our highest priority

We Genuinely Care for Your Smile At Each Stage of Your Oral Health Journey

Victorian Government announced a snap lockdown. We remain open for emergencies with covid safe measures in place for your safety. Contact us for more information.
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