We provide a warm and friendly environment that enhances the patient experience
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Modern Dentist In South Morang

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Modern Dentistry

New, Fully Equipped Practice Providing A Comfortable Environment

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About Lakes Boulevard Dental Practice

Our team and new premises in Lakes Boulevard Dental provide a warm and friendly environment that enhances the patient experience as we are your number one dentist in South Morang.

your oral health is our highest priority

Ready to get your dream smile?

Our Experienced Team

Dr Aynkkaran Srishanmuganathan

Dr Aynkkaran Srishanmuganathan is the principal dentist at Lakes Boulevard Dental who graduated from Kings College London, UK. Aynkkaran focuses on minimally invasive, ethical and aesthetic dentistry. He is also trained in Invisalign, Inman Aligner system and aesthetic anterior composite treatment (resin material to replace lost or broken teeth). He is a firm believer in continued professional development in order to stay current with the latest techniques ensuring the practice of modern dentistry.

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Aren't these girls just 😍

Our dental support team are truly the backbone of our clinic. Thanking these girls everyday !

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Every member of the LBD team has a special interest and proficiency in their dedicated roles.

Having been open for two whole years now, and despite the difficulties of the pandemic we have cared for many patients in this time. We have really formed a connection to each of you. 😊 From our receptionists to our clinicians, you are in safe hands, hands that truly care for you !

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Beautiful, Brilliant and Bold 🌸 😍

Boutique Whitening is customised for you making teeth whitening simple. Find out for yourself, discover a whiter, brighter smile πŸ’«!

Boutique Whitening

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We are doing free Invisalign consultations during lockdown and for us that's a big reason to smile!

Feeling dissatisfied with your smile? Let us help you unveil a beautiful aesthetic smile through Invisalign's latest technology.

If you want to chat with Dr. Aynky on zoom this is your chance! @invisalign_au

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Why bother to correct your smile?

Whether you have an uneven smile, or a gap in your smile, here at Lakes Boulevard Dental we pride ourselves in offering the latest, ethical and minimally invasive cosmetic solutions.

Come to us and leave our chair feeling like your smile is your best accessory πŸ‘œ.

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So thrilled with this result!

β˜† So how does this work? 🧐

β˜† A combination of Boutique Whitening treatment, composite bonding to reshape and contour the tooth and ICON treatment, a resin infiltration system.

β˜† NO Drilling
β˜† NO Anaesthetic
β˜† NO Stress !

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It isn't about the bright new smile it's about the confidence that you get from the product 😊.

Boutique whitening makes that so simple. Perfectly curated kits, designed for each individual patient, ensures a personalised experience with outstanding results. 🎁

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Why is the sterilisation process so important ?

We ensure that all instruments and equipment used in our clinic are free from bioburden and bacteria. This is integral to keep all of our patients healthy and safe.

There are steps that we must undertake in our sterlilisation process.

We submerge our instruments in a holding solution before placing them in the ultra-sonic cleaner which uses vibration to break down debris. Then we dry and package them in sealed sleeves. These items are then sterilised through a universal cycle in our autoclave. All cycles are tested against steam penetration for sterilisation at 134 degrees Celsius.

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your oral health is our highest priority

We Genuinely Care for Your Smile At Each Stage of Your Oral Health Journey